Panchen Lobsang Choekyi Gyaltsen (1570-1662)

Lobsang Choekyi Gyaltsen (1570-1662), the Fourth Panchen Lama was a prolific author, great scholar and teacher who unified all the Tibetan Buddhist sects in time of Tibetan’s history troubled with wars and turmoil. During his administration, he fulfilled many of the First Panchen Lama’s wishes including an establishment of Tantric College at Tashi Lhunpo, Shigatse, Tibet. We honor and remember him today, marking the date of his passing by sharing with you one of his prayers:

“ I dedicate the pure white virtue here accomplished That I might support the Dharma of teaching and understanding

And fulfill all the wishes and deeds Of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of past, present and future.”

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