On the 22nd. of the 9th month of Tibetan calendar (November 10, 2017 of Gregorian calendar),

On the 22nd. of the 9th month of Tibetan calendar (November 10, 2017 of Gregorian calendar), Tashi Lhunpo Monastery commemorates the holy day - Lhabab Duchen ( ལྷ་བབས་དུས་ཆེན ) or Buddha Sakyamuni’s Descent Day.

When Buddha Sakyamuni was 41 years old, he ascended to the 33rd. heaven where the gods and his mother, Queen Maya Devi, resided. In this heavenly place, the Buddha Sakyamuni did spiritual teachings to assist the gods to let go of desire, a force of rebirth. To his mother, the Buddha Sakyamuni honored her for kindly giving birth to him. Through his teaching, she was liberated from Samsara, the cycles of rebirth.  

While residing in the 33rd heaven, he encountered one of his disciples, Maugalyayaha, who died from a violent death. Because of his exalted spiritual presence, he became enlightened and was liberated from rebirth. He requested Buddha Shakyamuni to return back to earth in order to teach all sentient beings and free them from samsara. Out of his boundless love and compassion for the humanity, Buddha Shakamuni returned to earth by a special triple ladder, made with beryl, silver and gold, prepared for him by Viswakarma, the god of machines. This act is considered by Buddhists to be one of the eight profound deeds performed by Buddha Shakyamuni. It is His descent back to our troubled world to teach and liberate us from samsara that we celebrate Lhabab Duchen or Buddha Descent Day. On this day, as we follow the Buddha’s teachings, any compassionate and righteous action performed is multiplied by 10 million times in its spiritual power.

At Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, we will perform pujas beginning at 6 am and again at 3 pm in the afternoon. The final puja will be performed at 6.30 pm.  The prayers offered during these pujas will be in remembrance of Buddha’s life, his exalted deeds and teachings.

We wish you blessings of millions times over as you reside in the loving, kindness and compassionate Buddha field. May you, in turn, live and do good deeds to benefit humanity.

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